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International Bullion Centres Recommendations

In this webinar, we discussed the International Bullion Centres recommendations in greater depth and, most importantly, how the industry can provide support to ensure the integrity and transparency of the global market.

This is just the beginning of the IBC conversation. While much work has been done over the past ten years, the speakers talked about how we need to raise the bar much further. A joined-up effort, involving collaboration, engagement, consistency and enforcement is required from all centres and participants. While domestic markets have their own needs, this must work alongside global market standards. There is a responsible sourcing eco system, where we all need to work together with the one aim – to raise the bar.

The CRAFT Code

Neil Harby, LBMA; Kevin Telmer, AGC; Matthew Chambers, Chambers Foundation & ARM

In continuing with the conversation about Artisanal and Small-scale Mining and the Call to Industry to engage with it, Neil Harby (Chief Technical Officer, LBMA) welcomed Kevin Telmer (Executive Director, Artisanal Gold Council) and Matthew Chambers (Chair of the Chambers Federation and Board member of the Alliance for Responsible Mining). Together, our panellists discuss Artisanal and Small-scale Mining in finer detail, explore the changes and challenges we have seen in the sector – in light of the prolonged situation with COVID-19 – and discuss the notable developments and trends being observed.

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LBMA Annual Responsible Sourcing Report

Ruth Crowell, Sakhila Mirza, Neil Harby, Susannah McLaren, LBMA; Dr Mark Pieth, University of Basel

Our LBMA Responsible Sourcing team outline its strategy for the future of Responsible Sourcing, recommendations for Bullion Centres as well as the Country of Origin data, all included in the recent report. Dr Mark Pieth, Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology at The University of Basel also contributed to this webinar.

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The Gold Jewellery Industry in the Pandemic: Now & Future

Philip Olden, Independent Consultant; Iris Van der Veken, RJC; Mark Hanna, Richline Group; Neil Harby, LBMA. 

Gold jewellery accounts for nearly 60% of global gold demand. As part of our Virtual Summit Series, a group of gold industry experts and influencers review the impact of COVID-19 on the gold jewellery supply chain, how the industry will be affected in the future, and how it can deal with the growing pressure to support artisanal gold mining.

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Responsible Sourcing of ASM Materials: From Risk to Opportunity

Susannah McLaren, LBMA; Joanne Lebert, IMPACT; Luke Fiske, Queen's University.

Susannah McLaren, LBMA's Compliance & Responsible Sourcing Manager, Joanne Lebert, Executive Director at IMPACT and Luke Fiske, PhD Candidate at Smith School of Business, Queen's University discussed how the discourse of risk is perceived and how this can be detrimental to artisanal and small scale mining (ASM).


Joanne and Luke enlighten us on IMPACT's initiative 'Just Gold' in Côte d'Ivoire and the DRC and provide suggestions on how to positively redirect the perception of risk. They also look at what can be done to encourage engagement with ASM in order to ensure it is a viable option in the supply chain.

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Switzerland's Public & Private Support for ASM

Neil Harby, LBMA; Diana Culillas, SBGA; Jose Ramon Camino, Metalor Technologies SA; Monica Rubiolo, SECO.

Neil Harby (CTO, LBMA), Diana Culillas (Secretary General, SBGA), Jose Ramon Camino (General Counsel, Metalor Technologies SA) and Monica Rubiolo (Head Trade Promotion, SECO) look at the complexities and challenges of artisanal and small-scale mining, explore the effective initiatives currently taking place, and reflect on the key factors necessary for cooperation across the supply chain.

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ASM amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Neil Harby, LBMA; Jennifer Peyser, RESOLVE

Neil Harby (CTO, LBMA) and Jennifer Peyser (Senior Mediator and Director of Ethical Resource Program, RESOLVE) discuss the LBMA and OECD’s recent Call to Action, before turning their attention to the importance of ASM to LBMA, why we’re getting involved and what issues are being faced in the current global environment. Neil and Jennifer assess the action already being taken across the industry, such as supporting reliant communities, and the future of ASM.

Jennifer presented the findings of the CRAFT Code, published with the Alliance for Responsible Mining, which looks to bridge the gap for ASM workers engaging in formal trade and helps to expand trade between legitimate ASM producers and refiners, banks and other supply chain actors.

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Building Leverage Across the Value Chain

Watch our panel from across the supply chain reflect on accountability, with a focus on who has the influence and leverage to effect change to achieve positive outcomes.


Our panelists provide an overview of the value chain, the role each actor should play and their accountabilities, before discussing meaningful achievements seen through LBMA’s Responsible Sourcing Programme plus any challenges encountered along the way.

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Susannah McLaren, LBMA; Andrew Parsons, Gold Fields; Grant Angwin, Angwin PMAs; Ian Warman, Standard Chartered Bank.

U.S. Department of State on Responsible Sourcing

Pamela Fierst-Walsh, U.S. Department of State

Pamela Fierst-Walsh, Senior Advisor Conflict & Critical Minerals, U.S. Department of State, provides a U.S. perspective on responsible sourcing for gold in the time of COVID-19. The Dodd Frank regime, international sanctions and the impact of COVID-19 on the ASM sector are also on the agenda.

Pamela has focused on critical foreign policy and national security issues throughout her career, including counter-terrorism, atrocities prevention, and humanitarian assistance. Pamela appears in the Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Influencers in 2019, according to data management company Assent Compliance. She played a key role in shaping the 2019 U.S. Federal Strategy on Critical Minerals to improve U.S. competitiveness for clean energy and technological advancement. 

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Responsible Sourcing Developments

Sakhila Mirza, LBMA. 

Sakhila provides an update on LBMA's future vision and strategy for Responsible Sourcing, including the challenge of the supply chain which is one of the key risks facing the market.


Sakhila will also reflect on Dr Mark Pieth and Sasha Lezhnev recommendations for change in the context of LBMA's strategy and vision for the future.

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Conflict and High-Risk Gold

Sasha Lezhnev, The Sentry; Sakhila Mirza, LBMA.

Sasha Lezhnev provides context to the issue of conflict and high-risk gold and agrees with Dr Pieth that de-risking is not an option. He highlights the many ways in which conflict gold can be easily smuggled and stresses that more needs to be done by the industry to focus on the red flags in responsible sourcing when conducting due diligence reports, and provides five recommendations as to how this can be done.


Sasha stresses the fact that, in order for responsible sourcing to actually work, there needs to be a market for responsibly sourced gold.

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Refineries as the 'Gate Keepers'

Dr Mark Pieth, University of Basel; Sakhila Mirza, LBMA.

Dr Mark Pieth, a professor of criminal law and a specialist in international regulation is going to give an outsider’s view on some key issues that gold refineries are currently facing. He will namely address the current tendency of de-risking amongst refineries, a problematic move towards informal boycotting of ASM or certain world regions. He will go on to ask what due diligence efforts can reasonably be expected of refineries and what would be the role of industry organizations.


Finally he will address the challenges facing auditing and reporting, and remind that selfregulation depends essentially on credible auditing. 

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